Title of merit of the Rabat International Marathon for Mrs. Hakima, the woman of the Marathon


The Rabat International Marathon ended with good results just as it was a great success on a human level, knowing full well that nothing is perfect and that there were shortcomings which do not seem very striking at first glance. given what the representative of the International Federation Mr. Cachau gave us, who certainly noted his observations which he quickly made to Ms. Hakima but which may not have a direct impact on the status of the Marathon itself

That said, we can only pay a vibrant tribute to Ms. Hakima, the Director of Communication at the FRMA but also the cornerstone of all the preparations for the Tournament and who knew how, willy-nilly, to meet the highest level required.

Mrs. Hakima struggled a lot in this Marathon and alone because she was alone in the oven and in the mill to leave nothing to chance, always on the alert for the smallest details to want to accomplish her task as it should be.

Ms. Hakima had a lot of work to satisfy everyone, from the Athletes to the last of those admitted to this Marathon, music groups and garbage collectors or cleaning ladies.

Ms. Hakima was able to get out of it wisely to the extent that there were no obvious reproaches, no official arrests or accidents that could have hampered the running of the Marathon.

Ms. Hakima, who personally supervised every contribution to this Marathon for days already until after the end of the party, the dispersal of the entire audience and the lifting of the stage… fully deserves a sacred Title of Woman of the Marathon, which suits her with certain circumstances that are too difficult that she was able to contain with intelligence and attention to detail and this is to her credit

Even today, we can be proud that a woman of her caliber can manage such a gigantic job better.

Some will blame him for certain details, except that the essentials were done in a good manner and that’s what counts…

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