Ektashif participants head to Morocco for the annual discovery trip as part of the Qatar-Morocco Year of Culture 2024.


Ektashif: Morocco welcomes seven Qatari artists on a special educational trip to Morocco as part of the Qatar-Morocco Year of Culture 2024. This annual program, organized in partnership with the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), aims to support artists and provide them with new skills in traditional and Islamic arts. During this trip, artists visit cities and historic sites to learn about Islamic architecture and participate in art workshops with the goal of learning traditional arts from expert artisans. The resulting exhibition of works by the participating artists will open at MIA on October 22.

This year’s group includes photographer Abdulhadi Al-Marri, painter and ceramic artist Aljazi Almaadeed, fashion designer Dana Al Mulla, calligrapher Fatima Al-Sharshani, jewelry designer Hamad Al Mohammed, visual artist Huda Al Yafyi and business owner and fashion designer Mariam Al Muttawa.

The Ektashif: Morocco program is inspired by the “Art of Islamic Pattern”. The journey will begin in Marrakech, where the artists will explore the city and the splendor of Moroccan architecture. They will visit Riad Karmela next to the Madrasa of Ben Youssef, an authentic 12th century medieval medina, followed by a visit to the Bahia Palace, the Majorelle Gardens, the Saadian Tombs, and a visit to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum . Qatari artists will also participate in workshops to master traditional arts such as drawing geometric patterns, plaster carving, zouaq tile making, and a ceramics workshop.

Mr. Salem Abdulla Al Aswad, Deputy Director of MIA and Director of Learning and Outreach at Qatar Museums, said: “This annual educational initiative is an opportunity for emerging and established Qatari artists to discover the beauty and lasting influence of Islamic art throughout the world. This enriching cultural journey inspires artists to create works that enrich Qatar’s vibrant cultural scene. »

Participants expressed their excitement about the trip:

Morocco is one of the important pillars of Islamic history, with a rich and intertwined past. There is no doubt that traveling to Morocco is a great opportunity for any artist who loves culture and civilization,” said Abdulhadi Al-Marri about his visit to Morocco.

“The trip to Morocco will enrich my journey of discovery. It will help me develop artistic ideas through which I produce new works and a new artistic flavor,” said Aljazi Almaadeed.

Dana Al Mulla also spoke about this: “I am particularly excited to collaborate with local artisans and discover how they incorporate their heritage into their work, as this would deepen my understanding of how to weave cultural elements in fashion and create innovative designs.”

“As a calligrapher, my writing style brings letters to life and transforms words into works of art. I currently specialize in the unique Moroccan calligraphic style, so this trip is a fantastic opportunity to hone my skills,” added Fatima Al-Sharshani.

“A trip to Morocco will be a unique opportunity for me as an artist, to expand my artistic vision and stimulate my creativity. I look forward to integrating these diverse artistic experiences into my next artistic works,” said Hamad Al Mohammed.

“As a multidisciplinary artist, I look for inspiration everywhere and am particularly eager to delve into the rich world of Moroccan art and traditional crafts to learn more and discover its Islamic influences,” said the artist. visual Huda Al Yafyi.

Mariam Al Muttawa also shared her enthusiasm: “I love adventure, travel, discovering cultures and getting to know Morocco, especially Marrakech, because it is one of the richest capitals in culture. I can’t wait to learn the traditional arts that Morocco is so famous for. »

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