FRS Iberia Maroc/DFDS participates in the safety seminar organized by IMO and Interferry in Tanzania


The General Director of FRS Iberia Morocco/DFDS, Ronny Moriana Glindemann, current President of Interferry and host of the Interferry 2024 conference in Marrakech, accompanied by the Moroccan delegation, Othman El Jamyly, Head of Department for the Development and Promotion of Maritime Transport at the Moroccan Ministry of Transport and Dr. Mohamed Briouig, Director of the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies (ISEM) of Casablanca participates in the seminar on maritime safety which takes place on April 16 and 17 in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania .

Ville Patrikainen, Safety and Security Director of FRS Iberia Morocco, also joins the company, strengthening the company’s leadership representation and commitment to maritime security.

“Safety is a fundamental priority for the maritime industry. Participating in this safety seminar in Tanzania underlines our unwavering commitment to the continuous improvement of safety standards within the maritime industry,” said Ronny Moriana Glindemann. “Moreover, hosting Interferry 2024 in Marrakech represents an exceptional opportunity to consolidate international collaborations and foster constructive dialogue that transcends borders. We are committed to making this event a meeting point to share best practices and experiences that result in significant and lasting advances in ferry safety.

Participation in this seminar marks the start of a series of initiatives that will follow at Interferry 2024 in Marrakech, where the next safety seminar will be held.

FRS Iberia Maroc/DFDS hosts the next Interferry 2024 conference, which will be held from October 26 to 30. This event, which will be held for the first time in Africa, will serve as an additional platform to foster international collaboration and discuss innovative strategies for the continuous improvement of ferry transport safety.

FRS Iberia Maroc/DFDS’ active participation in these events highlights their commitment to excellence in safety and leadership in the maritime industry, promoting lasting change in important ferry operations around the world.

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