Nouvelair inaugurates its Casablanca Tunis line with 3 frequencies per week


Nouvelair launched, on Saturday April 13, 2024, its new airline linking Casablanca and Tunis, the capital, this new service has just been included in the company’s development plan for the year 2024. This initiative aims to strengthen its network already covering 12 countries, thus expanding travel opportunities for its customers and promoting links between Tunisia and Morocco. This line connects the Mohammed V international airport in Casablanca and the international airport of Tunis-Carthage with a frequency of 3 flights per week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), being one of the 40 destinations served by nouveauair, thus covering three continents.

On this occasion, Nouvelair, the first private airline in Tunisia, is offering a promotional price for the ticket from 1,399 Moroccan dirhams round trip, making this line accessible to a wide range of passengers, who can book their flights via the site Web:, or via the Nouvelair mobile application or our representative in Morocco on or contact 00 202 520 17 23 84 /00 202 661 54 85 42.

The Casablanca-Tunis line represents a key element of the expansion strategy of the company, which since its creation in 1989 has been committed to offering a diversified network of airlines and high quality services, thus strengthening its position on the scene. regional air transport and contributing to strengthening economic, commercial and tourist exchanges as well as to the development of tourism.

On this occasion, the general director of nouveauair, Mr. Chokri Zarrad, expressed his pride for the opening of the line between Casablanca and Tunis, declaring: “After the launch of 15 new lines in 2023, the Casablanca-Tunis line is one of the five lines on which the company will work to develop in 2024. Our commitment to providing diversified travel opportunities and comfortable quality services to our passengers continues. » He added: “We are convinced that this new line will contribute to further strengthening relations between the two countries and will open new prospects for economic, commercial and tourist cooperation, thus bringing Tunisia even closer to our dear brothers in Morocco and facilitating travel of Tunisians residing in Morocco to Tunisia and vice versa. »

This new route will be served by an Airbus A320, one of the 13 aircraft making up Nouveauair’s efficient and modern fleet, providing flights to around ten European countries, including France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Turkey, as well as two African countries, Algeria and Morocco.

In 2023, Nouvelair launched 15 new lines as part of its expansion strategy and has scheduled 5 lines for the year 2024, including Morocco, the first being on April 1 to Madrid and Hamburg from Tunis airport. Carthage, as well as to the Belgian capital Brussels from Monastir international airport.

Thus, the company’s network is distinguished by diversified lines to different destinations, meeting the needs of its customers and offering them a comfortable and integrated travel experience.

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