El Jadida: 30 years in prison for a boxing coach who killed his friend

Recently, the criminal chamber of the Court of First Instance of Appeal of El Jadida sentenced to 30 years in prison a boxing trainer who killed his boxer friend and concealed his crime by burying the body two meters underground.

The perpetrator of this crime committed his act last December against his boxer friend, motivated by revenge after the latter had harassed his minor sister. He attacked him with a stone to the head while they were alone in the family home in the commune of El Houzia, in the province of El Jadida. Then he buried the body two meters deep underground, erasing all traces of the crime. Subsequently, he went to Agadir, where he stayed for a while, before confessing to one of his relatives, after his conscience alerted him to the heinous crime he had committed. He then presented himself to the police authorities in Agadir and handed himself in, who handed him over to a team from the El Jadida gendarmerie, competent in the matter, after coordination.

After questioning, the judicial police presented him to the public prosecutor at the El Jadida Court of Appeal, who then sent him, after consulting the reference criminal procedure and after hearing the guilty party, before the judge investigation, which then placed him in preventive detention at the local prison of El Jadida, pending his appearance before the criminal chamber.

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