100 children and young people impacted through the “Play, Learn & Thrive Collective” program, supported by the TIBU association


The NGO TIBU Africa in partnership with the Lacoste Foundation and the Safari Group have carried out several education activities through sport in Morocco. These actions are part of the “Learn, Play & Thrive Collective” tennis education and integration program, implemented since May 2022 by TIBU Africa with the support of Sport Impact.

The French Foundation, in its mission to “transmit to young people through the practice of sport the values ​​which make them grow (team spirit, motivation, surpassing oneself and combativeness while respecting others), supports the program “ Learn, Play & Thrive Collective” in Morocco.

Based on the practice of tennis, the program aims to promote better access to education, social integration and professional integration in the Casablanca region.

“We are convinced that sport is a fantastic vector for appropriating the values ​​essential to the development of young people, a powerful tool for remobilization, as well as social and professional integration. » Pierre-André Maus, President of the Foundation.

One year after launch, the program allowed 90 young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, aged 7 to 13, to take part in more than a hundred educational tennis sessions with the main results:

The mobilization of 4 public primary schools in the city of Casablanca The development of children’s cognitive abilities (concentration, ability to learn and work in a team) The strengthening of interpersonal skills and essential life skills of young beneficiaries Greater confidence in itself, particularly among young girls Better performance of children in playing tennis “We are very happy to renew our partnership with the Foundation. In 2022, we have enrolled around a hundred children and young people on the path to educational and professional success thanks to the Play Tennis program and collaboration with the stores managed by the Safari Group in Morocco. », declares Mr. Mohamed Amine Zariat, the Founding President of the NGO Tibu Africa.

He also added: “This partnership is innovative and inclusive because it makes it possible to promote quality education through Tennis for young adolescent girls and rising generations as well as to support young people in NEET situations towards employment. in the sports industries in Morocco. »

The tournament organized on April 24 in a district of the Aîn Sebaâ district in the presence of Pierre-André Maus, President of the Foundation and Mohammed Berrada, Safari Director, allowed the beneficiaries of the program to reveal the notions and values ​​acquired during the different program sessions.

In addition to its direct impact on the education of young people, “Learn, Play & Thrive Collective” also made it possible to improve the employability of 10 young Moroccans aged under 25, in a NEET situation (Not in Employment, Education or Training). This “professional integration” component deployed in partnership with the Safari group (distributor of the French brand within the Kingdom) offered personalized support alternating theoretical courses (sports coaching, IT, entrepreneurship, etc.), work workshops and professional internships .

“We are delighted to be part of this magnificent project. The chance to contribute to such a meaningful cause is a source of pride for our entire team. Together, we continue to create a positive impact and make a difference in the world around us. » Mohammed Berrada, Safari Director.

The approach has enabled 80% of these young people, previously excluded from the job market, to become entrepreneurs, to work within sports organizations or the Safari Group’s network of stores within the Kingdom.

Based on the results achieved at the end of the first year of the program, the French Foundation, the Safari Group and the NGO TIBU Africa have confirmed its renewal for an additional year.

“Our team is very happy to have ensured the operational monitoring of this unprecedented tripartite collaboration after having enabled its structuring and would like to salute the results obtained during this first stage, in particular those linked to SDGs 4, 5, 8, and 17.” Nelson CAMARA, Executive Director of Sport Impact.

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