Akhannouch on housing support: The State can support the citizen up to half the value of the property

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch presented a series of figures concerning the housing support program launched by the government at the start of the year.
Akhannouch underlined during an intervention yesterday evening, Thursday, during a television program broadcast on the “Al Aoula” and “Al Oula” channels that the platform dedicated to the housing support program received 60,000 requests, including 90 % were accepted, thus confirming great enthusiasm among citizens for this program.

He specified that the philosophy of this program is based on the granting of direct financial assistance to citizens wishing to acquire a main residence worth 10 million centimes for a property whose value is less than 30 million centimes, and to provide financial assistance of up to 7 million cents when the property value is between 30 and 70 million cents.

He added: “This means that the state helps the citizen who wants to acquire housing worth 30 million cents with a third of the property amount, and can help the citizen who decides to buy property worth 20 million cents with half the amount.”

He continued saying: “The price of real estate in towns like Errachidia or Zagora is not high, so the value of the property can only be 20 million cents, and the state grants the citizen 10 million cents, which means that the state grants the citizen half of the value of the property. »

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