Video of ‘Harassment’ of a Student: Director of a High School in Moulai Yaacoub Arrested and Isolated

The provincial management of Moulai Yaacoub, reporting to the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Fez-Meknes, decided yesterday evening to suspend the director of a qualifying high school.

The provincial leadership of Moulai Yaacoub revealed, in a press release, the broadcast of a widely shared video documenting suspicions of sexual harassment by the director of a qualifying high school towards a student. As soon as she became aware of this incident, she charged a commission made up of department heads and educational inspectors to investigate this matter of harassment of which the student may have been a victim.

The commission visited the establishment concerned yesterday morning, where it produced a report on the subject. As a preventive measure, the director of the establishment was temporarily suspended from his duties pending his appearance before the disciplinary council to ensure the smooth running of the establishment’s activities, and he was immediately relieved of its educational management functions.

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