ERISER begins a new phase of its development by welcoming into its capital the investment fund Colombus 1, OPCC dedicated to supporting national entrepreneurs, SMEs and ETMs in their development projects


ERISER, a pioneering company in the irrigation sector, has established itself during its 32 years of existence as a key player in water management. Indeed, ERISER very early on made the choice for excellence, by equipping itself with a hydraulic and technical studies department among the most advanced in Morocco, and participated in the technological leap in irrigation professions in Morocco by being consistently at the forefront of irrigation and water management technologies.

Through this investment, Red Med Private Equity wishes to capitalize on ERISER’s expertise in the management of large hydraulic projects and provide the company with the means allowing it to address the global water value chain “Through this investment, the Colombus 1 Fund is part of national initiatives for the management of risks linked to water stress by providing ERISER with financial, industrial and technological capacities allowing it to strengthen its national and regional presence in the areas of localized irrigation, water management drinking water, hydromechanical equipment and pumping stations, solar pumping and desalination” indicates Abdeslam Ababou, president of Red Med Private Equity.

The development project also includes an industrial integration of ERISER, allowing it to have the autonomy and capacities necessary to accelerate the development of its activities. “The industrial integration project will allow ERISER to internalize the manufacturing of nearly 35% of its purchases of equipment and inputs, and thus increase its level of autonomy and its capacity to address a broader spectrum of hydraulic and water resources” indicates Mr Zouhair Seffar, founder and director of ERISER.

Furthermore, the Colombus 1 fund intends to support the company in its institutionalization process, while consolidating its DNA as a family-run, eco-responsible and socially engaged company. “Beyond the strategic and financial rationale, our investment also aims to support ERISER in the transition towards the best operational and governance standards, implement an ESG strategy in order to enable ERISER to ultimately establish itself as a national player and regional leader in the management of water-related projects” indicates Mohamed Nasset, Managing Director of Red Med Private Equity.

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