Morocco-France: to be stronger and more resilient together in the face of new challenges, three important axes identified


At the Morocco-France Economic Forum held the day before yesterday Friday in Rabat, under the theme “Together towards a renewed momentum of economic and social opportunities”, the general director of the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment Mohamed Benchaaboun estimated that, “More than ever, the Franco-Moroccan economies need a vigorous recovery to create more value and jobs after years of sluggish growth” emphasizing, at the same time, that the revitalization of economic and commercial relations between Morocco and the France needs a new lease of life, to be stronger and more resilient together in the face of new challenges.

As a result, Mr. Benchaàboun identified three important axes, namely:

-the establishment of new financial and non-financial mechanisms intended for medium-sized or intermediate-sized Moroccan and French companies.

-The second axis aims to promote the emergence of startups and innovative companies which deploy either in France or Morocco

-the third consists of encouraging and supporting the integration of Morocco into the new distribution of value chains.

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