Towards two million surgical interventions giving hope to children with cleft lip and palate

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Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Smile Train was born out of a unique and inspiring human compassion to help others and provide medical care to children in need around the world. After years of working as a surgeon specializing in cleft lips and palates, Smile Train decided to travel to Morocco to help children suffering from congenital malformations that affect their quality of life and self-confidence.
As a pioneer in its field, Smile Train started organizing free awareness and diagnostic programs in different regions, garnering amazing responses. Many families came with their sick children, seeking free medical care and the restoration of smiles to innocent lips.
Smile Train has left its mark in the hearts of beneficiaries from all the regions from which they come, becoming the symbol of hope to find lost smiles. She performs precise surgical procedures to repair cleft lips and palates, returning children to normal lives and boosting their self-confidence. In addition to surgical procedures, Smile Train provides psychological and emotional support to children and their families during the recovery period.
She recently settled in the Souss-Massa region and more precisely in Agadir. On the ground, Smile Train’s humanitarian vision is coming to fruition through a series of surgical operations for a large number of patients suffering from cleft lips and palates. This humanitarian mission is not only limited to the medical aspect, but also extends to a high-level scientific presence through the organization of the first congress on the integrated management of cleft lip and palate in Morocco. This congress aims to improve and expand access to comprehensive care for this medical condition, providing a platform to discuss several important topics, such as improving access to high-quality surgical care for cleft lips in Morocco , review of modern cleft repair techniques, as well as comprehensive planning and ongoing care to meet the needs of patients affected by cleft lip and palate. Alongside this event, a series of quality surgical operations is organized under the supervision of a specialized medical team, for a large number of patients, children and infants.
This feat is not only the result of human efforts, but patients also benefit from the latest medical technologies and analyzes necessary to ensure the success of the complex surgical procedures carried out under this unique humanitarian initiative. Hope and smiles are the common currency during surgery days, in the hope that children regain their confidence, move past their pain and suffering, and look toward the future with bright eyes and a heart full of gratitude.
The sun of Agadir is not the only one to shine during these operations, but also the eyes of the children. These eyes tell moving stories of their struggles and suffering, but “Smile Train” entered their lives as a voice of hope and change.
Millions of smiles which gave hope to needy children, according to information provided by “Doha Ait Ahmed”, head of North Africa for the “Smile Train” organization. It tells the story of its success since its founding in 1999, performing nearly two million surgeries for children with cleft lip and palate. The official also adds that more than 2,100 health trainers have been trained by the organization with the aim of providing comprehensive care to the affected cases, thus ensuring quality and comprehensive patient care, including speech correction, l orthodontics, oral care, treatment of hearing problems and nutrition.
Doha Ait Ahmed says the organization works in collaboration with more than 1,100 health partners in more than 90 countries. These partners provide joint efforts to ensure necessary care is provided to children and adults in need. She adds that, to ensure access to care for all target groups, the organization also offers transport services from rural areas and provides accommodation in cities where accredited partners are located, according to defined criteria. It is a story of solidarity and giving.
Doha Ait Ahmed expresses the deep gratitude of the organization to all the partners and entities who contributed to accomplishing its mission in Morocco and providing care in the best conditions. Thanks to their continued efforts, the organization’s doors remain open all year round to accommodate all cases requiring its free intervention.
The presence of Smile Train in Agadir has had a significant impact on the local community and families affected by cleft lips and palates. Children who have benefited from these surgical interventions see their lives transformed. Not only is their physical appearance improved, but they can also speak, eat and breathe more easily. This has a positive impact on their overall health, development and self-esteem.
Additionally, Smile Train works closely with local healthcare professionals to build their skills and knowledge in the area of ​​cleft lip and palate management. This helps create a sustainable medical infrastructure that will continue to provide quality care to local children even after the organization leaves.
Over the years, Smile Train has expanded its impact and touched many parts of the world. Its working model focused on training local surgeons, access to care and developing long-term partnerships has transformed the lives of many children with cleft lips and palates.
Thus, the presence of Smile Train in Agadir constitutes an important step in the organization’s overall mission to help children in need across the world. Through its commitment to medical excellence, awareness and training, Smile Train continues to make a significant difference in the lives of many children and their families.

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