SIAM 2024: The Local Products Flavors pole: A true showcase of Moroccan riches

Hibapress/ Abdelkrim Mahyaoui A point of commercial dynamism, the local products center is there at the 16th edition of the International Agricultural Show in Morocco (SIAM) from April 22 to 28, 2024 in Meknes. This center is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, through the Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA) in close collaboration with the Regional Directorates of Agriculture and the SIAM Commission. For this edition, the Center covers more than 16,000 m² and houses more than 500 stands where groups, 100 of which are participating for the first time, exhibit a multitude of products testifying to the riches of which the Moroccan region is full. Exhibitors represent nearly 800 cooperatives and more than 16,500 producers including 8,000 women. Particular attention was paid this year to groups from areas affected by the Al Haouz earthquake, they represent 10% of all participating cooperatives, or 45 groups in total. This edition sees the presence of 25 production sectors from the 12 regions of the Kingdom, represented by more than 5,000 articles confirming the tremendous efforts made by these producers to ensure a qualitative and diversified offer while promoting and safeguarding ancestral know-how. . This Pole reflects the undeniable results achieved thanks to the unwavering commitment of the Department of Agriculture since the advent of the Green Morocco Plan and in the wake of the Green Generation to support and support the local products sector. Of the 3,900 producer groups of local products identified in Morocco, more than 2,331 groups representing nearly 50,000 producers have benefited from various actions and support programs, namely, solidarity agricultural projects dedicated to local products, the construction of loan of 369 valorization units and equipment for 845 units, labeling of 80 products (PDO, IGP, LA). Capacity building for the benefit of 1,453 producer groups thanks to upgrading programs allowing them to adapt to market requirements and obtaining health authorization for the benefit of 934 groups. As for the marketing of local products, thanks to the ambitious development strategy for the marketing of local products, promotion and marketing were the main areas targeted to ensure the sustainability of income for producers of local products, particularly for women and rural youth. Several actions were combined and allowed more than 332 groups access to modern marketing circuits, 1369 groups participated in regional and national fairs, 354 in international fairs and 200 groups were able to access electronic marketing thanks to the platform In the same spirit of strengthening the notoriety of these products, a collective “Terroir du Maroc” label has been set up and no less than 274 groups have been able to obtain it to date for more than 1,188 products. In addition to all these actions, promotional and commercial campaigns through a multitude of animation actions at the level of large and medium-sized stores and specialized points of sale are scheduled at a sustained pace, as well as 360° communication campaigns. in order to carry out the strong desire of the Department of Agriculture to make local products one of the most promising sectors of the agricultural sector. All these programs for the benefit of cooperatives and local product groups have mobilized nearly 11.7 billion Dirhams since the advent of Plan Maroc Vert to date, including nearly 11 billion for solidarity agriculture projects and development infrastructure, and 700 million Dirhams for promotion and marketing support actions. These colossal efforts have had extremely positive impacts on the development of the local products sector in Morocco and the improvement of the living conditions of the beneficiaries. Indeed, the quality and traceability of products have seen a clear improvement, the packaging and presentation of products, as well as the managerial skills of cooperatives* have recorded exceptional progress, which has had very positive repercussions on the increase in sales, thus making it possible to double the turnover and the net margin and to increase the employment created by more than 40%.

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