From military drones to agriculture… Morocco is turning to the manufacture of drones for agriculture

The great success of the digital agriculture pole at the heart of the International Agricultural Show in Meknes, which closed its activities yesterday Sunday with resounding success after attracting more than a million visitors in six days, where the pole of digital agriculture was one of the most visited and popular during the exhibition.

What has distinguished this cluster is the presence of modern and innovative tools without precedent in the agricultural field, in particular drones specialized in irrigation, surveillance, monitoring and treatment of agricultural land.

Moroccan companies presented, within the digital agriculture cluster, numerous services related to agricultural drones, with very advanced applications and software that will inevitably contribute to bringing added value to the agricultural sector in our country.

Moroccan agricultural drones attracted thousands of farmers who visited the exhibition, asking many questions about their technical characteristics, advantages, cost and their ability to facilitate agricultural work, especially in large and medium-sized farms.

It is worth mentioning that about four years ago, the first locally manufactured Moroccan drone “Drone” was announced by a technical team composed of four Moroccan engineers.

This aircraft, which varies in size depending on its missions, makes it possible to treat agricultural crops aerially with medicines, as well as capture precise aerial images of cultivated areas, and help in the early detection of diseases that can affect crops. plants.

Many startups of Moroccan origin have recently become active, offering agricultural drone manufacturing services, after Morocco has already started manufacturing military drones.

According to professionals in the sector, agricultural drones help save up to 90% of water, as well as speed up crop processing, which varies between 7 and 10 minutes per hectare, in addition to energy savings and the possibility of working in different conditions, especially with regard to weather conditions.

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