Morocco joins the club of twenty major aircraft manufacturing nations with all their components

From the automotive sector to that of aviation, Morocco will become a leader in the manufacturing of aircraft with all their components thanks to the dozens of investments launched in the kingdom, concerning the manufacturing of important parts of aircraft here in our country. Ryad Mezouar, Minister of Industry and Trade, affirmed during a speech in the Moroccan Parliament that Morocco is now part of the club of twenty major aircraft manufacturing nations with all their components.

The same minister added in his intervention that Morocco aspires, in the years to come, to manufacture a purely Moroccan aircraft, especially since our country now manufactures a large part of the components used in the manufacture of a significant part of the planes.

The aforementioned ministerial official stressed that Morocco manufactures the most difficult components that the aviation sector needs, and today there is an ambitious project to produce the first aircraft that will take off from Morocco for the first time, where all of its parts will be assembled entirely in the kingdom, confirming that this is the goal that Morocco is working to achieve.

It is worth mentioning that Morocco has become a destination for the world’s largest companies specializing in the manufacturing of aircraft parts and equipment, due to the skilled labor it offers in the first place, as well only promising possibilities and investment opportunities, in addition to its strategic position which makes it a bridge between the different continents of the world.

Several large factories specializing in the manufacturing of aircraft parts have been launched and industrial production units have been set up in several regions of Morocco, such as the Nouaceur area near Mohammed V airport, as well as in the industrial zone of Tangier, Kenitra, and Casablanca.

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