Hajj: alert on the scam of certain agencies on pilgrims wishing to carry out their ritual at a low price


A case which resurfaces as the Hajj period approaches where certain travel agencies do their best to scam pilgrims wishing to carry out their ritual at a low price

Also, these agencies rely in particular on misleading advertisements, campaigns and fictitious accounts on social networks which claim to organize the Hajj rites at preferential rates.

This is not the case and the Moroccan and Saudi authorities are taking stock and alerting any pilgrim who wants to use it

The authorities concerned recall, in fact, that the performance of the rites of Hajj absolutely requires obtaining a visa provided for this purpose.

“Performing the Hajj rites requires obtaining a Hajj visa, issued by the authorities of Saudi Arabia and in coordination with the competent services of the countries concerned, or through the “Nusuk Hajj” platform for the countries which do not have official departments and services dedicated to the organization of the Hajj operation”.

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