Arrest of a ministerial advisor under the government of El Othmani for fraud and scam

Hibapress learned that the municipal manager of the province of Tetouan, who is also a university teacher and former advisor to the minister under the government of El Othmani, was arrested today, Tuesday, at Rabat-Salé airport, in due to an arrest warrant issued against him following a complaint accusing him of fraud and scam.

The suspect was arrested in connection with a case of “fraud and scam” linked to his demand for 30 million centimes in exchange for his intercession to obtain employment for another person while he was an advisor to the minister under the government of Saad Eddine El Othmani.

The complainant had filed a complaint against him, accusing him of having received 30 million centimes to intercede on behalf of a member of his family to obtain a position in one of the ministries where he held a position as advisor to the minister .

The complainant claimed to have been the victim of fraud and deception by the defendant, claiming that the accused had deceived him into believing that he had influence and interventions in the ministry where he was responsible for a mission in order to facilitate the success of a competitive examination or the appointment to an important position in the ministry.

The arrested former advisor had been accused by a university professor, who had previously taught him at the university, of having appropriated his research by copying and pasting it and integrating it into his thesis, on the basis from which he received his doctorate.

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