From today, Mauritanian authorities cancel tariff increases on imports from Morocco

Mauritanian authorities have given in to the desire of thousands of Mauritanian traders and importers, who have been unhappy with the decision to increase customs duties on their imports from Moroccan markets, a decision which has been implemented in recent months. In this regard, the Mauritanian authorities have decided to cancel the decision to impose tariff increases on goods and products from Morocco, after having previously increased them under the pretext of promoting the competitiveness of local products.

The decision of Mauritanian customs to cancel increases on the importation of Moroccan products, vegetables and fruits, was greeted with great relief and satisfaction by Mauritanian importers as well as Moroccan exporters.

The cancellation decision will come into force from Wednesday, May 1, after the period set by the Mauritanian decree which authorized increases in customs tariffs imposed on certain products of Moroccan origin, increasing by more than 100 percent.

It should be noted that Mauritania’s previous decision contributed to a decrease in Moroccan exports to African markets via the kingdom’s largest land crossing point in terms of commercial activity to West Africa, reducing by more than half, some Moroccan exporters having preferred to change the destination of their goods to other external markets to avoid losses caused by the increase in customs duties in Mauritania.

Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Mauritanians Abroad, previously declared that there was a constant search for the interest of the two countries and the two peoples, stressing that “all questions will find a solution within the framework of this constant coordination between the two countries, in particular certain outstanding issues currently concerning the crossing of trucks at the borders and that it is necessary to find a solution and we will find a solution within the framework of the coordination between the two brotherly countries.

On the other hand, Moroccan exporters welcomed the decision of the Mauritanian authorities and appreciated it as a way of strengthening the strong historical ties between the two brotherly countries and will certainly contribute to strengthening economic and commercial ties between the two neighbors, Morocco and Mauritania.

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