Fez: The director of the high school “harasser” of a student goes to the royal gendarmerie

The director of Al-Takadoum high school in Aïn Chqef, in the province of Moulay Yaâcoub, went to the royal gendarmerie yesterday afternoon, after being accused of harassing a student, having touched her inappropriately in a video widely shared on social networks and WhatsApp.

According to Hiba Press sources, the high school principal, who was on the run since the revelation of the scandal of his harassment of a student in his office and on the premises of the school last week, decided today to surrender to authorities after being cornered.

The video showing the principal harassing the student shocked local and national public opinion, prompting the competent public prosecutor’s office to initiate proceedings against him and issue a national search warrant.

The provincial directorate of National Education, Primary Education, and Sport of the province of Moulay Yaâcoub had already announced the arrest of the director and his immediate suspension as soon as it became aware of the video.

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