A global transport company is shaking up the cabranat system and adopting a complete map of Morocco in its application.

The American transport service platform, Uber, surprised the cabranat system by adopting a complete map of the Kingdom of Morocco, from Tangier to Laâyoune, on its application used throughout the world.
The company, based in New York, integrated the map of Morocco into its app after previously using a truncated map, which was deemed unacceptable by the Algerian government, particularly because they use the app so heavily. Additionally, all similar apps imitate Uber in their design, policies, and way of providing services, which has prompted them to intensify their media campaigns to encourage citizens to boycott Uber.

Uber is considered one of the most powerful global companies that has revolutionized the world of transportation and communications. It is an American multinational transportation company based in California.

The American company has an online presence through a dedicated application on smartphones that allows its users to request transportation anywhere by directing Uber drivers who use their own cars to fulfill transportation or travel requests.

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