Gangs detain young Moroccans in Thailand, subjecting them to torture and threats

Recently, social media has been flooded with discussions about the kidnapping and detention of young Moroccans by gangs in Thailand. According to testimonies from relatives of the kidnapped young people, people in Thailand contacted young Moroccans working in online marketing, offering them positions with attractive salaries and benefits.

These testimonies indicate that the young Moroccans received visas, plane tickets and luxury hotel reservations from the gang members in Thailand, before leaving for that country with high hopes of improving their situation. standard of living and achievement of their goals.

However, soon after arriving at their destination, the youths were surprised to be kidnapped by the gang and held in an unknown location, forced to work long hours a day without pay.

The same sources claim that the gang members stole the young people’s phones and laptops, depriving them of any contact with their family and friends. In exchange, they provided them with special computers to hack accounts and carry out questionable transactions, in addition to defrauding new young people to bring them to the same place.

According to the same sources, young Moroccans are subjected to torture and threats by the gang, especially after some of them managed to leak information and videos from their places of detention, calling on the competent authorities to intervene. quickly to free them.

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