TTA region: Dam reservoirs reach approximately 1.1 billion m3


The reservoirs of large dams located in the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima (TTA) region have reached approximately 1.1 billion m3, the General Directorate of Water, reporting to the Ministry of Equipment and Water, indicated on Thursday .

The reservoirs of these dams, whose capacity exceeds 1.721 billion m3, have stood, to date, at 1,099.1 million m3, i.e. a filling rate of 63.84%, compared to approximately 978.3 million m3 during the same period of the previous year (56.82%), specifies a Management report.

Three dams in the region have reached a 100% filling rate. These are the Acharif Al Idrissi dams (121.65 million m3), Nakhla in the province of Tetouan (4.21 million m3), and Chefchaouen (12.24 million m3).

In the Loukkos area, the reservoirs of the Oued El Makhazine dam (province of Larache), the largest dam in the region, reached 641.49 million m3, i.e. a filling rate of approximately 95.34%, while the reservoirs of the Dar Khrofa dam stood at 141.21 million m3 (29.4%).

Concerning the reservoirs of the April 9 dam (Tanger-Assilah prefecture), they amounted to 78.21 million m3, i.e. a filling rate of 26.07%, while this rate reached, at the level of the Ibn Battouta dam , 92.7% (27 million m3).

As for the filling rate of the Moulay El Hassan Ben El Mahdi dam, located in the province of Fahs-Anjra, it stood at 67.29% (15.76 million m3).

The report also notes that the Tanger Méditerranée dam in the province of Fahs-Anjra reached a filling rate of 82.66% (18.2 million m3), while this rate reached 23.36% for the Abdelkrim Al dam. Khattabi, located in the province of Al Hoceima (2.75 million m3).

In the M’diq-Fnideq prefecture, the Smir dam recorded a filling rate of 91.31% (35.57 million m3), while this rate stood at 15.82% for the Jomoua dam. (0.82 million m3).

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