Face to Face with Feryal Ziyari: A captivating dive into the challenges and triumphs of daily life in the Arab world


The Arab world is a kaleidoscope of cultures, challenges and triumphs, often unknown to the general public. In the new show “Face to Face with Feryal Ziyari”, viewers will be transported to the heart of this richness, exploring the most intimate and fascinating aspects of daily life in the Arab world.

Hosted by renowned journalist Feryal Ziyari, this series offers a unique platform where authentic stories come to life. From stories of resilience to moments of joy shared with family, each episode offers a deep immersion into the lives of ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges. “Face to Face with Feryal Ziyari” goes beyond clichés and stereotypes, offering a nuanced look at the diversity and complexity of the Arab world.

From the bustling streets of cities to the vast expanses of deserts, each episode invites viewers to discover the beauty and diversity of the region. “We are delighted to present this captivating series that celebrates the cultural and human richness of the Arab world,” says Feryal Ziyari.

Through authentic and inspiring stories, we hope to open a dialogue and promote better understanding between cultures. » “Face to Face with Feryal Ziyari” promises to be an enriching experience for viewers around the world, offering a fascinating insight into daily life in the Arab world. Don’t miss this captivating dive into a region full of life, challenges and triumphs.

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