The Moroccan Consulate in Milan formulates an integrated action plan aimed at modernizing and improving consular work

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Italy Office
It is enough to make a quick visit to the headquarters of the Moroccan consulate in Milan, for the visitor to see the involvement of the consular establishment of the Lombardy region in the reform, which was launched in accordance with the directives of His Majesty the King Mohammed. VI, may God assist him, in form and content, by calling for communication and listening to the Moroccan community abroad and listening to its concerns, its expectations and the problems facing she is confronted.

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad launched a plan to reform the consular system, as part of its in-depth reform workshops which aim to bring consular services closer to Moroccans residing abroad, which places the improvement of consular services at the heart of its concerns and is based on the improvement of reception conditions in consulates and the improvement of the quality of services through simplification procedures and the adoption of digital management.

Through the monitoring of the staff of the “Heba Press” website, it was identified the success of the officials of the consular authority in the implementation of the digitalization project, which aims to improve services and prevent brokers from hiding in the headquarters of the diplomatic building, closing the door to those who seek to falsify and manipulate depository data, and the end of the era of traditional administrative service based on many documents.
Consul General Muhammad Al-Akhal kept his promise after starting to upload his own project for restructuring the Milan Consulate, including logistically the walls, offices, waiting room and decoration of the space interior of the diplomatic installation, so that the consulate has a new look and advantageous conditions for employees and attendants.

Tight organization:

The visitor to the Consulate of the Kingdom in Milan just needs to move between its spaces to see for himself the rigorous organization that characterizes the operation, as well as the calm that characterizes its corridors, while employees, workers and private security agents are willing to provide explanations and assistance to any confused accompanying person, or to request the start and end times of consular work, which confirms that the Consulate General in Milan is concerned about the correct application and quality of administrative service, throughout the week. .

Track and communicate: Muhammad Al-Akhal, since occupying the position of Consul General of the Kingdom in Milan, has had to reveal the weaknesses and strengths of the Milan Consulate.

To begin the reform process, the consulate focused on the human element (employees) to form a work team to embark on the reform adventure. Indeed, the first step he took was to approach employees to encourage them to work, be diligent, be honest and engage in reforms.

The diplomat did not forget his deputies, the national identity card classification service, the civil status officer and local agents, so that the idea of ​​a global reform takes root in their minds .

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