The detention of young Moroccans in Thailand reaches Parliament

The deputy of the Democratic Left Party, Fatima Tamini, sent a written question to Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, concerning the detention and torture of a certain number young Moroccans in Thailand.

Tamini mentioned that dozens of young Moroccans were detained in closed places and forced to work without pay in inhumane conditions after arriving in Thailand. They were kidnapped and held in residential complexes on the border with Burma to force them to work in electronic fraud rings, for at least 17 hours in front of computers.

The MP revealed that these young people are tortured by militias when they try to contact their families, causing deep concern for their safety. They were misled into believing that they would be accommodated after being informed of a job opportunity, due to the proliferation of e-commerce which attracts many young Moroccans, particularly to Asian countries .

Tamini asked the Foreign Minister to reveal what steps the government will take to deal with this matter, and whether there have been contacts with the Thai and Burmese authorities to take the necessary steps to save them from this ordeal.

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