Settat: A motorcycle hits a man and its driver is killed

Heba Press: Settat office

Heba Press learned from its sources that a road accident occurred recently on national road No. 9 at the southern entrance to the town of Settat, leaving one dead and one injured.

In detail, our sources affirm that a motorcycle hit a pedestrian on national road No. 9 between Settat and Marrakech, which seriously injured its driver, to the point of ending his life. transported to the emergency room of the Hassan II hospital in Settat, after being injured, Civil Protection agents were recruited and their members immediately went to the scene, while members of the motorcycle brigade of the Royal Gendarmerie of Settat opened their investigation into the incident. incident.

In another context, around six people were injured of varying severity in another traffic accident on the same road, resulting from a strong collision between two light cars. All the victims were transported to the emergency room of Hassan II hospital aboard civil prevention ambulances. , in the presence of agents of the Royal Gendarmerie, a group of cyclists arrived at the scene to determine the circumstances of the accident and take legal measures in coordination with the public prosecutor.

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