Tibu Africa trains inclusive sport facilitators in partnership with Adaptive Sports Ohio.


The NGO Tibu Africa, national locomotive of development through sport in Morocco, in close collaboration with the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports (MENPS) and the The American organization “Adaptive Sports Ohio” marks an important step in its commitment to inclusion and equity in sport by launching the first stage of the “Morocco Wheelchair Basketball” program intended for facilitators of inclusive sport, highlighting thus the emphasis on the accessibility of sport for people with disabilities.

In the presence of the United States Ambassador to Morocco, the Secretary General of the province of Mohammedia and the President of the NGO Tibu Africa, this initiative closed with a festival bringing together 100 children with disabilities from Mohammedia, testifies to the the organization’s ongoing efforts to promote a more inclusive society through the power of sport.

“This collaboration between Tibu Africa and Adaptive Sports Ohio perfectly illustrates the United States’ commitment to supporting initiatives that promote inclusion and accessibility around the world. We are extremely proud to support Tibu Africa, an organization that serves as a model in the region for its exceptional work in inclusion through sport. We are honored to participate in projects that change people’s lives by giving them the means to succeed, regardless of their physical abilities,” said the United States Ambassador to Morocco.

The training program, designed to strengthen the skills of inclusive sport facilitators in effective communication and interaction with young people with disabilities, is part of a larger project launched in partnership with the Initiative National for Human Development (INDH) and the provincial directorate of MENPS of Mohammedia.

This innovative project aims to integrate education through sport into the curriculum of 27 public schools in the region, thus offering young people with disabilities the opportunity to fully participate in Tibu Africa’s “Sports Generation” program.

“Sport is a powerful force for unity and mutual understanding. At Adaptive Sports Ohio, we are impressed with Tibu Africa’s innovative approach to sports inclusion. We are excited to share our expertise and support their program, particularly through our collaboration on the ‘Morocco Wheelchair Basketball’ project. The participation of Casey, our Paralympic champion, in this training strengthens the impact of the program and highlights the importance of accessibility in sport. His presence is an inspiration to all, proving that human potential is limitless,” said Lisa, Director at Adaptive Sports Ohio.

Tibu Africa reaffirms its continued commitment to people with disabilities, fully recognizing their essential role within the community. “We firmly believe that sport is a powerful driver of social and economic inclusion, and we are committed to deploying innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and promote the integration of these talented individuals. », declared Mohamed Amine Zariat, President of the NGO Tibu Africa.

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