Morocco-USA: Fruitful cultural exchanges for a solid and multifaceted partnership


The executive director of the Fulbright Morocco program, Rebecca Geffner, highlighted the density of fruitful cultural exchanges between the Kingdom and the United States, two long-standing allies linked by a multifaceted and inclusive strategic partnership.

“Morocco is one of the United States’ closest and oldest allies, with our friendship dating back to the very founding of the United States. Every day, we see and experience the depth and strength of this relationship,” underlined Ms. Geffner in an interview with MAP on the occasion of a ceremony held recently in Washington in honor of the Moroccan and American laureates. of the 2024 Fulbright Program.

She noted that for more than 40 years, the Fulbright program has constituted an essential bridge between Morocco and the United States, promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchanges, noting that thanks to this program, which aims to be a pillar of American public diplomacy, the two countries share knowledge and forge lasting ties.

Highlighting the “stronger than ever” commitment of the United States and Morocco to peace, prosperity and security in the region and the world, the American official stressed that “our interpersonal ties constitute an important element of the depth, breadth and quality of our strong relationships.”

“The impact of this exchange extends beyond research collaborations and academia, creating rich connections between our Moroccan Fulbright Scholars and their communities in the United States, as well as between our American Fulbright Scholars and their communities in Morocco,” she explained.

He added that Fulbright recipients act as cultural ambassadors, dispelling preconceived notions about certain cultures and regions, and giving their American counterparts a real insight into Moroccan culture and traditions and vice versa.

Ms. Geffner also noted that the programs of the Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchanges (MACECE), via Fulbright, also support the educational reforms proposed by the Moroccan government, noting that Fulbright provides a forum to share best practices, new teaching techniques and an expanded international network.

Referring to the impact of this program on economic opportunities between the two countries, she noted that for more than 40 years, the return on investment of the two governments via Fulbright has continued to increase, specifying that Moroccan Fulbright scholars return from the States -United with master’s degrees, expanded teaching practices and professional experience in multinational companies.

“They (the program winners) are well placed to positively influence Morocco’s development trajectory,” she said.

On the other hand, such programs also benefit the development of American leaders, he noted, adding that American scholars, upon completion of their Fulbright course, become diplomats, government leaders and leading academics in their field. , consultants or business owners.

The ceremony in honor of the Moroccan and American winners of the Fulbright Program 2024 program took place in the presence of the Moroccan Ambassador to the United States, Youssef Amrani, and officials from the State Department and the Moroccan Commission. American for educational and cultural exchanges.

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