Algerian activists criticize Tebboune: The threat of stones does not suit a president

The words of a speech by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune have become a source of controversy on social networks, going so far as to describe the highest authority in the neighboring country as exercising “populism”.

Algerian opposition activists have called the Algerian president’s use of such expressions “populist” and should not come from the head of state, as they reflect the mentality of the ruling institution that limits conflicts and crises into a tight corner by threatening to use force and violence.

The Algerian president spoke of his country’s army and its modernization, affirming that it remains a pillar of the country’s independence in addition to the economy, before declaring in front of an audience of political and military leaders: “You come and talk to me nicely, otherwise I don’t trust you, really. I warn you that I have a stone in my hand that sticks out of a row, I will give it to you.”

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