British newspaper reveals new details on land link between Morocco and Spain

Britain’s Telegraph has revealed new details of the land link between Europe and Morocco via the Strait of Gibraltar as a project that could be completed before the 2030 World Cup.

According to the British newspaper, citing the National Society for the Study of the Moroccan Strait, work is underway to explore the financial and strategic aspects of the project. He said that after 100 years it would finally be possible to start construction of the railway crossing between Spain and Morocco, where a new underwater tunnel could connect Spain to Morocco by the end of the decade current, in time for the 2030 World Cup.

The Telegraph pointed out that last March, Moroccan Minister of Water and Planning, Nizar Baraka, met with Spanish Minister of Transport, Oscar Pointy, to discuss the issue. It was noted that the tunnel would extend 17 miles (28 kilometers) to a maximum depth of 1,550 feet (475 meters), connecting Punta Paloma, west of Tarifa, to Malabata, northern Morocco, in is from Tangier. The cost of building two tunnels is not known, although some estimates put the project at €8 billion, the Telegraph adds.

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