Mezzour: “Mechanization and digitalization, keys to industrial competitiveness”


The integration of mechanization and digitalization allows industrial companies to improve their competitiveness on the market, said Friday in Rabat, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ryad Mezzour.

By combining mechanization and digitalization strategically, industrial companies can not only improve their competitiveness in the market, but also attract the necessary investments to support their growth and future development, Mr. Mezzour stressed at a ministerial conference held at the initiative of the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Administration (ENSA). And to note that investing in technology is certainly a winning bet, because it can stimulate innovation, create value for the company and society, as well as generate employment opportunities. The minister also emphasized the importance of inclusion which is at the heart of the Kingdom’s new industrial and commercial strategy, in a global context marked by multidimensional crises.

For her part, ENSA Director General Nada Biaz stressed that in this period of global economic change, it is crucial to explore ways to strengthen the efficiency and influence of our industry and trade. facing the challenges of sustained growth and sustainable inclusion.

In this sense, she indicated that the exploitation of the opportunities generated by the Moroccan vision of the industrialization of the economy and the strong decisions taken in this regard are essential to build an industrial and commercial strategy that is both resilient and sustainable. the height of the Kingdom’s global image.

Held under the theme “Industrial and commercial strategies for inclusive growth”, this meeting is part of the Cycle of ministerial conferences celebrating the 75th anniversary of ENSA. During this conference, the debate was opened with the audience in the presence of senior figures from the public service, professors as well as students and laureates of the School.

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