Exclusive: 27 kilos of cocaine were seized on board a container in Tanger Med

Heba Press_Yasir Al-Ihya’i

Heba Press has learned from its own sources that customs and security officers seized a significant quantity of the hard drug “cocaine” on board a container coming from Latin America and bound for a Spanish port.

According to the sources, this large quantity of cocaine was seized with the information and coordination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which transmitted the information to Moroccan agencies, who quickly identified the container and submitted what it contained careful research. until it was finally discovered that it contained cocaine.

This qualitative operation carried out by Moroccan agencies is part of the fight against the drug mafia, whether internally or externally, and Morocco’s commitment to the fight against crime. which crosses borders and continents, relying on highly experienced human resources, whether in customs or security.

The judicial police opened an in-depth investigation into the case after carrying out the weighing and verifying the nature of these toxins, always in coordination with the competent public prosecutor’s office in order to identify supposed links with this criminal network.

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