World Tuna Day: Which species can we eat and which species should we avoid? List


May 2 was World Tuna Day, proclaimed by the UN to protect certain species that have become threatened by overfishing. These species are also the least good for our health.

There are several different species of tuna, and not all are safe to eat. The fattest ones in particular, because of the presence of heavy metals. To preserve both your health and marine biodiversity, it is necessary to prioritize certain areas:

Lista tuna, the ideal choice.

Yellowfin tuna, also called yellowfin tuna. This is the one most often found in cans. It is not very fatty, and its flesh is white and firm. To be sure you choose the right one, you must opt ​​for the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) label.

White tuna (also called albacore tuna).

Bigeye tuna (bigeye tuna).

Bluefin tuna: avoid. It is the most endangered and fattest of the tuna species.

Health benefits

In the culinary and nutritional world, tuna occupies a special place and with good reason. It is renowned for its rich protein intake – earning it the nickname steak of the sea – Omega-3, as well as essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, B12, iron and phosphorus.

For a more thoughtful consumption of tuna, you can also vary by eating other fish that are less threatened and located at the bottom of the food chain, such as sardines or mackerel.

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