“Women of influence”… celebrates Moroccan women in the Netherlands in the presence of representatives of the Kingdom’s diplomatic mission

Heba Press – Tariq Abla

With the slogan “Influential Women…Participation Leads to Growth”, women from different cultures and nationalities gathered in one of the venues in Amsterdam, Netherlands to attend the “Influential Women” event. , where women from the fields of entrepreneurship, society and politics exchanged inspiring visions.

The event was opened by Ms. Buthaina Al-Kardoudi, Consul of Morocco, in the presence of the representative of the Moroccan Embassy in the Netherlands, Ms. Sanaa Al-Zayati, to support this initiative entitled “Women of Influence” , which is an initiative of Mona Halhul, a Moroccan who believes in the importance of women supporting each other and building connections for mutual learning and development.

During the event, many speakers addressed the challenges facing women around the world. Although some problems have a particular cultural nature, other problems such as discrimination and inequality between women and men have emerged as global problems.

The list of speakers for the third edition of “Women of Influence” for the year 2024 included Mira Koomen and Wafaa Karimi, and during the discussion Sandra Duvendance, Muriel Van Denteren and Nassima Bashiri-Ammar participated.

The event brought together women from various organizations and sectors, in addition to some special guests such as Rahma Al-Moudin, a successful businesswoman, and Helen Burelson, former member of the Amsterdam Zuid Oost city council.

The first edition of “Influential Women” was held in Amsterdam in the presence of 70 women. The second edition was held in Tangier, Morocco. The third edition in Amsterdam welcomed 50 brilliant and successful women. The next edition is planned for Morocco in August. 2024. The fifth edition will take place in February 2025 in Amsterdam.

The women present discussed solutions such as improving mutual support, increasing self-confidence and boldness, practical tips on financial management were shared and during the break new collaborations between organizations were communicated and created.

In her speech on this occasion, Consul General Buthaina Al-Kardoudi Al-Kalali praised the valuable initiative taken by Mona Halhul in creating a platform for influential women of different nationalities and cultures in the Netherlands to establish constructive relationships with each other and exchange fruitful ideas. and inspiring ideas and experiences with the aim of benefiting and supporting each other, expressing pride in joining this platform with a significant number of highly qualified women of Moroccan origin and women leaders who have managed to bring positive changes in their communities, considering that they represent the permanent ambassadors of Morocco and the diversity of Moroccan culture in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

She also underlined, in this context, that the education that Moroccan women receive from a very young age, which consists in particular of encouraging academic excellence and adhering to the values ​​of integrity, honesty, decency and respect, is considered one of the fundamental factors that make them contribute. positively to society and asserting itself in all aspects of life. Thanks to this, many Moroccan women have been able to succeed in various fields. Over the last two decades, and thanks to the reforms launched under the leadership of His Majesty the King, may God help him, the political representation of women has seen a clear increase, whether within Parliament or at government level. , noting that all Moroccans are now awaiting the announcement of the new modifications which will be introduced into Moroccan family law, which mainly aim to broaden the scope of the rights and protection of women and to promote the principles justice and gender equality.

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