Observatory: Recent salary increases will have a positive impact on employees

The Government Work Observatory welcomed, in a follow-up note on social dialogue published this Monday, the government’s commitment to maintaining the foundations of social dialogue and rigorously respecting its deadlines, making it a productive institution for decisions , achievements and reforms.

The Observatory praised the results linked to the increase in salaries and their significant financial value exceeding 20 billion dirhams, highlighting their clear impact on the economic and social situation of employees. He also welcomed the significant participation of employers in the increase in the minimum wage, whether in the agricultural, industrial or commercial sector.

In the same context, the Observatory welcomed the government’s commitment to implementing the commitments included in the agreement of April 30, 2022, in particular with regard to the increase in salaries, the adoption of reform laws concerning strike and retirement, as well as the spirit of consensus that prevailed in the different stages of social dialogue and the remarkable awareness demonstrated by its different components of the need to consolidate the national social situation and approve strategic reforms.

The Observatory highlighted the need to enact a law on strikes as a legislative framework respecting the constitution and international laws that protect this practice, strengthening the national economic fabric and improving negotiation and conflict resolution mechanisms to protect workers. interests of both parts of the labor system, highlighting its considerable impact on investment promotion.

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