Sébta… Start of pumping petroleum oils released from a ship into sea waters

Local authorities in Sébta revealed that environmental teams have started pumping out petroleum oils that leaked from a ship’s tanks following a crack in the sea waters adjacent to the occupied town of Sébta.

The local press in busy Sébta reported that environmental teams, having contained the fuel in one of the corners of the port, have now started pumping it out to clean the waters. A quantity of fuel leaked into the coastal waters of occupied Sébta from a ship tank, according to local authorities in occupied Sébta. According to local press, a ship was involved in an accident, resulting in a significant leak of fuel oil into the sea, where Spanish environmental teams worked to mitigate the negative impacts of the oil leak into the sea.

According to the Spanish press, a ship named “K ONSET” had an accident in one of its tanks, which resulted in a leak of around 25,000 liters of fuel near the port of occupied Sébta, according to authorities estimates Spanish.

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