Morocco surpasses China and major world powers to become top car exporter to Europe

With constant progression forward, under royal directives, the kingdom decided to enter the world of automobile manufacturing and compete with leading nations, a dream that began years ago and from which we are reaping now the fruits as Morocco surpasses giants like China.

In this context, Morocco has managed to surpass China, India, Japan and the main nations of the world specialized in automobile manufacturing, as shown by official figures indicating that our country has become the leading exporter of cars on the European continent.

Morocco has become the main supplier of cars to the European Union, overtaking China, Japan and India, countries which for decades had dominated the automobile export sector to the Old Continent.

The value of Morocco’s automobile exports in 2023 reached approximately $13.7 billion, recording an increase of 30.2% on an annual basis, with the production of 535,825 cars last year, exceeding by 111 billion dirhams the previous year.

In 2021, Morocco sold 175,360 cars, recording a growth of 30% compared to 2020, which means that Morocco’s car exports to Europe are increasing year after year.

The development of Morocco, its interest in the manufacturing of various automobile parts and their assembly in its factories, its available infrastructure, its geographical proximity to Europe, the port of Tangier-Med, the free trade zone, its industrial orientation , its qualified workforce, its security, its appropriate investment environment are all key factors that have pushed many companies to settle in Morocco and direct their industries towards export from the country.

After distinguishing itself in the assembly of cars, Morocco undertook to produce cars entirely manufactured locally, and also decided to embark on the manufacture of aircraft, most of the components of which are currently manufactured in our country, a comprehensive industrial revolution that the kingdom is experiencing under the senior royal leadership, part of the integrated development path that our country is following in many sectors and fields.

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