Algeria’s “ghostly” passage with Mauritania fails to compete with Guerguerat’s passage on the African market


A few days ago, Algerian President Tebboune launched construction work on a border post with Mauritania, in a desperate attempt by the country of the military to compete with Morocco, which has become the leading supplier to the African market.

The Algerian media attempted to market the “paper” crossing by mobilizing the media and propaganda machine of the “idiot” brigades led through headlines such as Algeria’s crossing with Mauritania would lead to the paralysis of the Guerguerat crossing.

The Algerian media have forgotten that their country does not even achieve self-sufficiency for its population in terms of vegetables, fruits and foodstuffs such as oil, milk, rice, wheat, etc. So what will does it export to Mauritania and the rest of the countries of the Continent other than illusion, of course?

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