Tetouan: A street vendor “sells” his body after the confiscation of his property

Heba Press_Yasir Al-Ihya’i

Last night, Monday, a street vendor injured his body in a strange manner, in full view of passers-by on the main street adjacent to the Royal Palace Square in Old Acre.

The details of this incident, which caused panic among all those who witnessed it, are due to the attempt of local authorities to free the public domain from the owners of the “butterflies” who began to obstruct the movement of pedestrians and interfere with normal circulation. flow of visitors to the city.

Many residents of Tetouan had already rebelled against this phenomenon, holding the local authorities responsible for the accidents and clashes that could result, given the leniency granted by these same authorities in the run-up to Eid al- Fitr to boost the income of this segment of the population. peddlers.

The ambulance went to the scene immediately after being informed of the incident, where the person concerned was transferred to the Sania Ramel Regional Hospital to receive the necessary assistance, while the competent authorities opened an investigation to find out the circumstances of the accident and confirm its main causes. motives.

It should be noted that the campaigns to liberate public property were highly appreciated by citizens in all cities and regions, and restored the right of pedestrians to move and circulate in all alleys and streets, not to mention the blocking of doors to thieves and pickpockets who take advantage of the property. crowd to overthrow their victims, men and women.

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