“Green Generation 2020-2030”: Priority to the human element. Implementation of four specific axes


In application of the High Royal Directives, the new vision of the agricultural sector “Generation Green 2020-2030” gives priority to the human element. As such, it aims to improve living and settlement conditions in rural areas and to promote job creation, particularly for young people.

The implementation of this first foundation will go through four specific axes, with the objectives of:

1-contribute to the emergence of a new generation of agricultural middle class, by allowing 400,000 households to access it and by stabilizing 690,000 households, and by providing social protection to more than 3 million farmers

2-create a new generation of young entrepreneurs, in particular through the mobilization and development of 1 million hectares of collective land and the training of 150,000 young people in agricultural and para-agricultural services

3-create innovative new generation agricultural organizations, the objective is to multiply by 5 the rate of organization of farmers and to strengthen the role of agricultural inter-professional organizations.

4-create a new generation of support mechanisms, by connecting at least 2 million farmers to digital service platforms and by creating 5,000 private agricultural advisors to support farmers.

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