Taroudant: A strange crime A seventy-year-old blind man kills a thief.

In a rare crime in the world, a seventy-year-old “blind” man killed one of the thieves as he entered his house at the Akridis roundabout, in the commune of Sidi Ahmed Omar, in the province of Taroudant, during the night of Monday. – Tuesday May 7.

In the details of this fascinating case, which will require judicial diligence, the accused, a “blind” sheikh, lived alone in a cabin in the middle of the courtyard of the aforementioned roundabout. He was attacked from time to time by the deceased for cause. theft, because the latter was known in the region for his aggressive and violent behavior, although he was recently subjected to compulsory conscription, but immediately after his return he returned to his old habits.

When the seventy-year-old sheikh grew tired of the mortal’s behavior, he was forced to use a traditional gun that he had made long ago when he worked as a welder in a workshop.

On the night of the crime, the seventy-year-old blind sheikh had the gun and put it aside, using his hearing to welcome his unwanted guest that night. As soon as the dead thief set foot in the house, the sheikh felt his. movements, and after grabbing his shoulder, he fired a bullet which hit the dead man in the chest, causing him to escape from the horror of the shock, staggering until he fell in the middle of a rubber tire inside the courtyard surrounding the cabin.

Early in the morning, thinking that the thief had escaped, one of the sheikh’s daughters called as usual to check on him. The father asked him to visit him lest the thief return for revenge. Her daughter responded to the invitation and was invited. shocked by the horror of what she saw after finding the thief’s lifeless body in the yard.

Immediately after receiving the news, the services of the Royal Gendarmerie of the territorial center of Ouled Taima, accompanied by agents from the crime scene, civil prevention and the local authority, went to the scene of the accident, where legal proceedings were carried out, after which the corpse was transported to the morgue of the local hospital of Ouled Taima. The seventy-year-old blind sheikh was also arrested to determine the circumstances of the crime under the control of the competent public prosecutor.

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