Home of the “Rif Party” in Algeria: The military regime plays its last cards

Sixty years have passed since Algeria’s independence without it managing to achieve an economic takeoff and a developmental boom to save its youth who are fleeing on boats of death to escape the military dictatorship, while it uses considerable sums of money from oil and gas revenues to destabilize Morocco, its neighbor.

Algeria, which spent billions of dollars supporting the Polisario separatist front for more than forty years to divide Morocco, and after the dissolution of its dream of creating a puppet state in the Moroccan desert, is today on its latest cards by fueling separatist tendencies in the Rif region, having historically closed and decided its position a long time ago.

The military regime, which weighs on the hearts of Algerians, recently announced in a ridiculous comedy the creation of what it called the office of the “Party of the Republic of the Rif” for “separatist activists”, putting under their charge provision of a villa belonging to the Algerian intelligence services in Rue Bachir El-Ibrahimi in the capital, to make it their headquarters in a failed initiative where the cabris are looking for agents to serve their obsession with weakening Morocco and promoting separatist tendencies in the Rif region of Morocco.

What is remarkable in the maneuvers of the dictatorial regime in power in Algeria is that its tentacles and its media spokespersons have been mobilized to promote this “stupidity” by announcing the accommodation of the leadership of the so-called party, and the opening of centers to accommodate his group with the aim of training them in the use of weapons, as is the case for the Polisario mercenaries, who have become a heavy burden for the kids who have transformed Algeria into a refuge for separatists, terrorists and “mercenaries” in this long history.

Algeria, after realizing the impossibility of creating a fake state in the south, is playing its last hostile cards in the region, where it no longer represents only a “bad neighbor” for Morocco, but for all its neighbors, ‘where its collusion with terrorist organizations and their exploitation to fuel hegemonic tendencies in the countries of the region.

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