Between mockery and indignation”… An Algerian politician welcomes the British ambassador with “imported” bananas

The reception of Abdelkader Benkorreina, leader of the National Construction Movement party in Algeria, near the Mouradia Palace, to the United Kingdom ambassador to Algeria, sparked numerous taunts and general indignation on social networks , expressed by various factions of Algerian society.

Abdelkader Benkorreina’s welcome to the British Ambassador to Algeria, Sharon Wardle, was not ordinary, after he greeted her with quantities of imported bananas placed on plates in front of a senior diplomat, with the addition of the flag of the United Kingdom being overturned.

A number of Algerian opposition activists expressed their mockery at the way in which an official from their country welcomed his guest, while others considered that the display of bananas in front of the British diplomat lacked diplomacy and reflected the poverty of Algerian cuisine.

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