After spending billions on the “Polisario”, Algeria supports 4 vagabonds promoting “Rif secession”


After spending billions of the money of the oppressed Algerian people on the mercenaries of the “Polisario”, the state of generals chose to repeat the scenario with 4 “vagabonds” promoting “Rif secession”.

The eastern neighbor looked after a group of homeless people in the Netherlands, paid their transport costs and rented them an apartment in Algeria, before inviting a group of media to announce what They called it “the masquerade of the Rif in Algeria”.

The state of the generals, after ensuring that the definitive closure of the Moroccan Sahara file was close, and the announcement of the official death of the thesis of mercenaries and separatists, chose to repeat the scenario by opening a new folder with a “movement” and stupid.

The “new film” by Tebboune’s gang and his entourage was doomed to failure before its release.

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