Fishing and sale of endangered marine species leads to the arrest of 7 people in Oujda

Elements of the judicial police of the security region of the city of Nador, in coordination with the services of the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance, succeeded, Tuesday, May 7, in arresting seven people suspected of being involved in the practice of illegal fishing and trafficking in marine species threatened with extinction.

This police operation was carried out in the city of Nador as well as in the areas of Al Aroui, Selouane, Arknane and Béni Ansar, which led to the arrest of suspects and the seizure of two tons and 468 kilograms of cucumbers. sea, part of it being packed in packages on board a freight truck.

In connection with this case, boats of different types, cars, clothing and maritime navigation equipment were also seized, as well as a set of tools and raw materials used in the fishing of these marine organisms, their drying and preparation for sale.

The suspects were subjected to judicial investigations supervised by the competent public prosecutor’s office, while research continues to identify all possible accomplices involved in this criminal activity.

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