Akhannouch: Some claim that the government canceled the “Taysir” program, deliberate disinformation

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch denied, during a plenary session devoted to the discussion of the provisional assessment of the government’s work, today Wednesday in the House of Representatives, the allegations according to which his government had canceled the “Taysir” program, calling it “deliberate disinformation.”

The Prime Minister revealed in his speech that the “Taysir” program benefited 2 million students (around 3 children per family maximum), receiving limited amounts starting at 60 dirhams. He added that “the direct social support program now supports more than 5 million children, from birth to the age of 21, with a monthly allowance of 200 dirhams this year, and 300 dirhams from 2026 for the first, second and third child, in addition to an additional allowance for the fourth, fifth and sixth child.”

Akhannouch stressed that 70% of Moroccan families have benefited from government measures, affirming that these measures have had a tangible impact on the daily life of all Moroccan families, considering that this government truly deserves the title of “government of achievements”.

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