The Republic of Tribes prepares to declare its independence from Algeria.

The Supreme Tribal Security Council held an exceptional meeting led by the head of the interim tribal government (Ferhat Mehenni) last week, condemning Algeria’s recent affront to Morocco regarding the hosting of the “Party of the Rif”, considering this approach as a trap against the tribes.

The Supreme Tribal Council’s communiqué highlighted the regional geostrategic situation and assessed the potential impacts on the international environment, emphasizing that the priority was on the agenda of the tribal revolutionary movement and the interim tribal government. Concerning the escalation of tensions due to authoritarian policies and Algerian interventions in tribal affairs.

The Tribal Council announced a specific timetable that provides for the declaration of independence of the tribal region unilaterally on April 20, 2024, if the Algerian authorities do not take measures to calm the situation in the country next year. The Council also reminded the international community of the history of the tribal movement and its founding, affirming that it represents the will of the tribal people and seeks to realize their rights and independence in accordance with international law.

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