Direct housing assistance program: Nearly 64,000 applications submitted


A total of 64,000 requests relating to direct housing assistance have been submitted, said Thursday the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas.

In response to a question on the Direct Housing Assistance Program during a press briefing held after the weekly meeting of the Governing Council, Mr. Baitas specified that 20% of applications submitted via the platform Ministry of National Territorial Planning, Town Planning, Housing and Urban Policy, were formulated by Moroccans residing abroad (MRE), including 38% presented by women.

He added that 90% of applicants for housing assistance meet the required eligibility conditions and that their requests are being processed according to the granting methods in force, noting that 70% of these requests concern housing whose sale price amounts to 300,000 dirhams.

Nearly 50% of the objectives set by this project have been achieved, he observed, recalling that the said project concerns the subsidy of 110,000 housing units for the current year, with an envelope of approximately 10 billion DH. The direct housing assistance program is progressing at a steady pace, he said. On another note, the minister, who reacted to a question on the effects of the vaccine against Covid-19, affirmed that “all vaccines used in Morocco are subject to approval by the competent scientific committees”.

“The government is willing to interact with the legislative institution regarding the debate around one of the vaccines and this after the finalization of the composition of the bureaus of the parliamentary committees,” he said.

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