Moroccan Fouad Faqiri wins the grand prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions

Moroccan inventor Fouad Faqiri won the grand prize of the 38th edition of the “World Genius Confusion” International Inventions Exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan, on May 9 and 10.

Faqiri distinguished himself at this event where he also won the gold medal, surpassing an elite of inventors from around fifteen countries, including Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

His invention project, the only African and Arab representative at this exhibition, is a device for producing clean electrical energy offering better efficiency than solar and wind energy. This is a new technology of which the first prototypes will soon be produced.

This device aims to produce massive, green and sustainable electrical energy. It is a machine of different sizes that converts gravity energy and magnetic energy into mechanical energy and then into clean electrical energy.

Faqiri told the Moroccan Press Agency that this invention was recognized internationally in the Middle East during the International Exhibition of Inventions in Kuwait, as well as in Geneva, in addition to the consecration of this international recognition during from the Tokyo exhibition, where he won a gold medal and the grand prize.

He added that this project will contribute to changing the landscape of energy production due to its importance in protecting and preserving the environment, noting that it will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more 60 to 70% over the next 20 years.

The Moroccan inventor won the gold medal at the International Inventions Exhibition in Kuwait last February, the same feat he achieved at the International Inventions Exhibition in Geneva last April.

Faqiri obtained the patent for the invention regarding the design of the clean electric energy production device on November 30, 2023.

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