The Forsats: gangs attack Tindouf camps and murder a child

Indescribable chaos reigns in the Tindouf camps where Sahrawis are detained, in southern Algeria, due to growing insecurity which reflects the weakness of the Polisario Front and its support, Algeria, in the face of the spread discontent and despair among the detainees.

A forum supporting supporters of autonomy in the Tindouf camps said the camps were shaken by a new crime, consisting of the murder of a child in an atrocious manner, where the criminals slit his throat coolly before disposing of it in a designated waste area. The forum added that the murdered child, named “HMB” during his lifetime, belonged to the Lbayahat tribe, and had been missing for some time, his family having spent the night looking for him before finding him dead, thrown there where fingers point the finger at armed gangs who have been attacking the camps for some time, fighting each other with live ammunition.

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