Fatim Filali Idrissi’s Caftan Shines at the National Museum of Adornment


The National Museum of Adornment is showcasing the famous Caftan by Fatim Filali Idrissi. This iconic piece illustrates the art of Fez brocade, a rich and complex weaving tradition.

This magnificent caftan, decorated with gold embroidered patterns, symbolizes Moroccan culture through its green, red and golden colors, representative of the Moroccan national flag, thus highlighting cultural patriotism.

The whole is enriched by accessories such as the “tekhmal” of “hrir”, the “mejdoul” and the “sqli”, adding a dimension of luxury and authenticity. In addition, the “sfifa” and “maalem debana” techniques demonstrate the exceptional know-how of local artisans.

This piece, handcrafted in the city of Fez, is the result of an artistic heritage passed down through the centuries, thus preserving a precious cultural heritage.

We invite the public to come admire this remarkable work of art and discover the richness of Moroccan clothing tradition at the National Museum of Adornment.

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